Non-Powered Asset Tracking

Battery-operated object tracking solutions increases object visibility and security, reduces project delays and optimizes object utilization.

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Track your valuable equipment

A battery-operated track and trace solution plays an important role in getting the job done. With this solution, you can more easily track your objects and minimize the costs and delays associated with lost or stolen equipment. The VTM GPS tracking solution for properties without power or internet gives you full visibility into the location, activities and condition of your important equipment, so you spend less time tracking your equipment and more time keeping your projects on schedule.

Asset Tracking

Why you want to be able to track equipment

Increase asset security and reduce theft

Know the location and status of your assets and equipment and act quickly when unauthorized movement or activity has occurred.

Reduce delays in projects

Searching for equipment, materials or tools wastes valuable time and money. Always know where your assets are and keep your projects on track.

Optimize asset utilization Easily

Track all key assets on one screen and view custom reports that help identify patterns, trends and gaps in operational efficiency, so you can make full use of your equipment and your team's time.

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Discrete tracker devices

Simply install the compact, discrete tracker devices on your objects and equipment and start monitoring your entire inventory. The ultra-durable battery means you can track your objects for up to 3 years on a single battery.

With a wide variety of industrial IoT sensors to choose from, you can customize the solution and get the valuable data you need to optimize your business. Instant alerts and notifications let you know when there's a problem, so you can take action quickly and keep your objects safe.